5 Fun and Epic Company Retreat Ideas

Whether you’re planning your first retreat for your company or you’re a seasoned offsite planner, you’re probably looking for those unique ideas to set the experience off for your team.

A well planned and thoughtfully designed retreat will leave your team inspired and excited throughout the entire length of the retreat. When designing the experience and coming up with ideas for activities, we recommend taking a step back and really thinking about what makes your team and culture unique. Many times, this can drive toward a really cool idea that gets everyone really excited.

Adult Camp


If you’re planning a retreat outside of SF or NYC, you have probably thought of the camp vibe theme for your offsite. It’s a great idea for a lot of teams and can usually be executed in a fairly cost-effective manner. We like to take our Camp-Outs to the next level!

Most often we see people start by trying to find the venue. You’re going to do A LOT of research and have to submit a lot of RFP’s if you start there. Let’s start with the vision and the bigger question, what does the itinerary look like? How do I want this retreat to go so that everyone walks away really inspired and excited about our company?

Once you have that idea on-paper, it’s time to design the experience!

If you’re dealing with over 100 people, we recommend designing teams before the retreat. This is an opportunity to build pre-event hype and get people in the office working together even before the camp begins. From there, it’s a matter of designing fun and competitive challenges for the teams throughout the retreat.

Don’t forget to give people the chance to chil-out, lose the team mentality and bond with everyone. Usually a Happy Hour with Lawn Games can do the trick here!



It’s not uncommon for a client to come to us with relief and excitement because they just got done with a 6 to 12 month internal sprint. Here’s how it was recently described to us on a discovery call:
”Our entire team has been heads down grinding for the past 7 months. Not only have we re-launched three of our core services but we’ve almost doubled our headcount and just closed our Series B round of funding. Everyone is a little bit burnt and we need to take some time to relax, refresh and realign our culture and values internally.”

Designing survivor related challenges is a great way to involve everyone on even the most diverse teams. Certain challenges can speak more toward the cerebral thinking while others can be geared toward the physical accomplishments.

The Multi-Day Hunt


To make an offsite experience engaging and interactive for your entire team throughout, we recommend designing a multi-day scavenger hunt experience. This theme can incorporated into every element of the experience from announcing the offsite to your team through transportation, room assignments, work sessions content and team building activities.

Landing on a theme early is recommended because although it takes more upfront thought-process and planning, it can save you loads of time and stress when diving into the research and planning.


The requests for a hack-a-thon style event have really reduced over the past couple of years from our clients. We still think that it can be the ideal experience for some clients, with a little rebranding. In the most well-designed hack-a-thon retreats and offsites, we incorporate puzzles, challenges and activities that broadly touch on various aspects of your core business. Thinking of the entire retreat as a hack-a-thon and designing in such a way is a great opportunity to get different departments and teams to really utilize each’s unique skills and personality to come up with solutions to unique problems.


We love this idea for a company retreat for 25-75 people. So much so we’ve even incorporated for teams of 120 in a more broken down version. We recommend using this after dinner and maybe offering a few drinks before or during this event if your company has a more liberal alcohol policy.

Send out a form to everyone on your team and ask them one question: What is something unique about you that people don’t know?

Take all of the answers put them in a slideshow (on individual slides) to be displayed on a projector during the retreat. You will also need small whiteboards and dry erase markers for the game.

Go-Time: Put the slideshow up on the projector and show each slide one at a time. Once the slide is up, read the sentence aloud and give everyone a minute to guess who on the team that unique story is about.

This always ends up in some fascinating team building and allows for many inside jokes to go home among the team after the retreat.

The “Company Name” Ultimate Race

A high-energy relay race designed specifically for your team. This one might be harder to pull-off in-house but it is certainly a client favorite on Offsite Co. designed retreats.

Create a series of relay race style challenges based on unique inflection points for your team and company culture. Each team has to elect one member of their team to tackle one challenge within the race as a whole. Typically, we have between 10-15 stops on a relay race for our clients. We love to incorporate inside jokes and funny memes from the internal culture of the company if possible.

This race usually takes between 1 and 3 hours.

For further inspiration, check out our guide for planning the Ultimate Company Retreat. We breakdown the basics in designing epic retreat experiences on-budget.

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