Planning an EPIC Company Offsite near San Francisco? Don't miss these tips!

So you’ve been charged with planning an offsite or company retreat outside of San Francisco? Let’s go! O.o.O.

In 2018, we planned, coordinated and executed over 60 offsites and company-wide retreats within a few hours of San Francsico. From Big Sur to Lake Tahoe, we’re confident to say, there’s no one who knows retreats in this region better than we do.

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Let’s Go. O.o.O.

Time is ticking so let’s get planning.

First, let’s take a quick look at the most popular Offsite Co. company retreat venues from 2018! Keep in mind that we get speciality pricing and inclusions at almost all of these venues, hotels, lodges and camps for our clients.

Top Venues Near SF for Your Next Company Retreat or Offsite

If you’re really struggling to find that perfect venue, check out our extensive guide on uncovering and locking in the best company retreat venue while planning an offsite. Check it Out

Santa Cruz: The Dream Inn Hotel

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The only thing more amazing than the staff and experience at the hotel is the destination. You’re staying on the beach and every single room has an ocean view. We can’t say enough about designing experiences for our clients to go offsite for their company retreat here. The amenities are beautiful, check out the ocean front pool and jacuzzi.

Great for smaller teams looking for multi-night stays.

Big Sur: The Big Sur Lodge

This is one we absolutely love. It takes the right team to choose Big Sur as their retreat destination. If you’re looking for an inspiring setting with endless outdoor activities, this could be the place for your team. Big Sur also caters to smaller teams a more robust budget.

Wine Country: Long Meadow Ranch

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Wine Country can carry a pretty insane price tag for our clients. We have a dozen or so venues from Calistoga to Sonoma and throughout Napa that work with us to get start-up teams into their venue mid-week. One of our all-time favorites is Long Meadow Ranch. Our recent experience was a 300 person offsite here for a completely customized experience. We can’t recommend their team enough.

Mendocino: Camp Navarro

If you’re looking to go north and to get truly OUT THERE, we can’t recommend Camp Navarro enough. You better plan early and you better have mid-week dates because this eclectic property goes fast throughout the year. Great for large teams and incredibly budget friendly.

If you need any help finding that perfect venue for your company offsite, just let us know! We’re always happy to help provide a few options from our database of over 10,000 retreat venues!

Pro-Tip: Gathering quotes from multiple venues can be a real pain in the arse. This is part of the process that the rest of your team doesn’t understand when handing you the responsibility of planning the next offsite. Trust us, we feel your pain. Start by making a list of the top venues and then present that list to your boss or leadership team. Ask them firs to pick 3 venues and then start reaching out to those venues for a quote.

Time To Plan Your Offsite!

We have published quite a few articles on planning company retreats so feel free check out the following:

Three Quick Hacks For Planning Your Next Offsite!

Company Retreat Planning Tips

Our recommendation is always to identify and separate the most important elements of any company retreat. Maybe this is retreat planning 101 but we’ll outline it below.

Venue: Check!

Transportation: How are people getting to the venue? Also, how are people moving around while on the retreat?

Food + Drink: Outline the vendors for each meal. Internally, ask your team to identify any food/drink preferences they have.

Experiences: What kind of local experiences is your team most interested?

Workspace: Outline the work sessions. From all-hands to breakout sessions.

Team Building: Is team bonding an important aspect of this retreat? If so, think about what the most impactful way to get people talking and bonding throughout the retreat would be.

Late Night Activities: Don’t be afraid to admit it, some of your colleagues are probably going to want to do SOMETHING at night. Whether it’s highlighting the local bar scene, finding a karaoke spot or setting a up a poker tournament; having some activities for the evening is essential.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re obsessed with planning, managing and executing a successful retreat for our clients. We also LOVE to help anyone diving into the planning process. A ten minute consultation with one of our agents goes a long way…a really long way. You can book a consultation HERE.

If you’re managing or driving the cultural initiatives at your company, please get in touch as we’d love for you to join our Culture Corner Interview Series! Get In Touch.

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