The Best Company-Wide Retreat Destination For Remote Teams

We just arrived back from what we think is the all-time best destination for company’s with multiple offices throughout the U.S. This also applies to our clients with a heavily distributed or remote workforce.

Welcome to Park City, Utah.


Having just arrived back from a site visit with a client in this beautiful mountain town, here’s a list of why we think you should come with us to Park City for your next company-wide retreat or offsite.

  1. International Airport - Salt Lake City International Airport offers direct flights from both coasts and many airports in between. The airport is relatively small and easy to get in and out of.

  2. Travel from Airport - This is, perhaps, the most appealing aspect of considering Park City, Utah for your next company retreat. The mountain town chalk-full of team building activities and inspiring workspace is just 40 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport. Most often, we will reserve shuttles to transport large groups of people to the mountain town easily. For those arriving early or late or at any off-hours, getting an Uber/LYFT from from the airport to landing in Park City is a breeze and costs about $40.

  1. Affordable Venue and Accommodations - Park City is a mountain town on-the-rise. For our larger groups, we take advantage of shoulder seasons for their retreats and can get amazing pricing at some of the most beautiful venues we’ve seen across the country. Our venue partners in Park City can offer us everything from 5 Star Accommodations to a 300+ room buy-out at a 3 Star resort on the mountain. Once you choose a venue, we go to work to negotiate inclusions that maximizes the budget you have allotted for your company retreat.

  2. Team Building Experiences - We have executed every style of company retreat team building in Park City. From scavenger hunts throughout the city, team olympics on the mountain, high-ropes and zip lines, snow sledding and snowmobile tours…and more.

  1. Local Activities - We always recommend offering your team a window of time to explore the mountain or main street in ways that excite smaller groups. Most recently, we offered a four hour window of activity options that attendee’s signed up for before the retreat. Popular activities are mountain biking, fly fishing lessons, floatilla on the Provo River, standup paddle boarding, kayaking, white water rafting, mountain sledding, crafting, poker tournament, spa treatments and more!

  2. Workspace - Inside of our process leading up to your retreat, we try to identify and understand the professional development or business related KPI’s for your retreat. A lot of the time this includes some all-hands and breakout sessions for your company. Our relationships in Park City allow us to be able to offer some of the most creative and inspiring workspace for teams of all sizes throughout the mountain town.

  3. Your Goals, Your Vision, Your Budget - Park City truly offers everything for a company retreat. Our packages in Park City are custom built once we understand these important and driving guides for your upcoming company retreat.

For our clients with multiple offices throughout the U.S., Park City is just one of the destinations we present as an option for year-round company retreats.

If you are looking for any help in researching, planning or managing your next company retreat, we would love to provide some best-practices and ideas via a free consultation any time. Just book a time to connect with our founder HERE.

The Offsite Co. partners with teams of all sizes to streamline and simplify the company retreat planning process. Through thousands of hours of retreat planning, we guarantee to save you time and money while delivering an experience that memorable and engaging for all attendee’s.

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