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Most Bay Area companies looking to plan a company retreat will undoubtedly have an eye of Santa Cruz.

There’s a reason we host over 40 retreats in Santa Cruz alone each year. It’s got massive value for the experience it can provide for any size team.



If you’re following our Ultimate Retreat Planning Guide, you have already sat down with your leadership at this point and have strong understanding of the Vision, Goals and Budget.

In that guide, you will also see a step-by-step breakdown of Finding The Perfect Company Retreat Venue.

Back to Santa Cruz, the first step is diving into venues. Here’s a breakdown of just a few of our client-favorite venues in the region.

If you’re planning from SF or the Peninsula, we have hundreds of AMAZING VENUES for company retreats and team offsite.

Here’s a great example of a 90 Person Company Retreat in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Company Retreat Venues

  1. Paradox Hotel:

    The Paradox Hotel is a client favorite in Santa Cruz. The sales team is amazing to work with and they rooms are great value for the price. Aside from the beautiful rooms, this hotel has such a great modern vibe with a rustic approach. The courtyard pool and the meeting spaces are highlights on the property. Your team is also walking distance to a collection of bars and restaurants in Santa Cruz.

  2. The Dream Inn

    One of our all-time favorite hotels in Santa Cruz for a company retreat. Take advantage of off-season rates and availability as this is one of the most sought after venues in California! Every single room at this hotel is ocean-front. Yup, everyone will witness a beautiful sunset over the pacific directly from their room.

  3. 1440 Multi University

    For a more rustic experience and for much larger teams, check out 1440 university. We like 1440 because they offer good value for the venue and location. Don’t expect a beach day with your team as you are nestled in the Santa Cruz mountain just off highway 17.

  4. Offsite Co. Ranch

    The Offsite Co. has exclusive access to one of the most beautiful private properties in Santa Cruz. We host executive team retreats and private events here for our clients. With capacity for sleeping up to 15 people and an event capacity of 90, this property delivers for any team looking for a great offsite retreat experience.

The Offsite Co was a pleasure to work with and Mat, Brooke and Matty were simply wonderful. Not only did they help us to plan out an epic company retreat in Santa Cruz, but they were also super responsive to our needs and changes even at the last minute. We can’t thank Mat and everyone at the OffSite Co enough for helping us create such a grand experience for our company and teams :)
— Jacob | Co-Founder

Plan for Transportation:

Depending on the size of your team and the budget for your company retreat, we recommend a couple of different transport options.

  1. Hire Transportation

    We recommend Bauer Transportation for their competitive pricing and easy to work with.

  2. Drive Vans

    Renting vans from a major rental company and having staff drivers is a great way to save on transport costs. This can get a bit messy when you get into the planning and making sure everyone has a ride. We always recommend for this team of less than 30 people and we usually have one of our event directors driving one of the vans.

  3. Carpool

    The most cost effect way to transport people to and from a retreat. If you’ve settled on a venue that you don’t have to leave throughout your retreat, this can be a fantastic option.

Food and Drink

  1. Offsite Co. Private Chef

    Our private chef and catering service handles everything from picnics to private dinners and everything in between. You can see client testimonials on this HERE.

  2. Breakfast at Your Hotel

    If you’re staying at one of our hotel recommendations, negotiate a price-break to have a hot breakfast for your team right there in the hotel.

  3. Beach Picnic at Natural Bridges Start Park

    This place is magic and you can simultaneously run a beach day or a team olympics just before or after lunch.

  4. Private Dinner Party at Offsite Co. Ranch

    Back to our in-house chefs. Design a completely customized menu of food and drinks under string lights for your team. Close it down with s'mores and Campfire Karaoke.

Team Building in Santa Cruz

  1. Offsite Co. Beach Olympics

    Winners of this customized event are being hailed at water coolers around the country.

  2. Downtown Santa Cruz Scavenger Hunt

  3. Wilderness Survival Skills

  4. Ropes Course

Team Bonding

  1. Beach Day and Party

  2. Kayak Tour

  3. Sunset Sailing

  4. Hike or Bike

  5. Happy Hour + Lawn Games


  1. We always recommend working with your venue to keep work sessions on-site your event venue. We can get really creative in this manner.