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Unique experiences in amazing destinations that bring your expanding workforce together in exciting ways.

Instant access to the largest database of retreat and offsite venues.

Save 50+ hours of research, logistics and planning time.

Itineraries and team-building events hyper-customized to your company culture.

Customized all-inclusive retreat packages, from the experts.

Great company with a great mission. The Offsite Co. team goes above and beyond to make each company retreat and team offsite meaningful and fun! Also love how their approach to the retreats are environmentally friendly. Highly recommend giving them a call for your next retreat.
— Alyssa | Office Manager
The Offsite Co was a pleasure to work with and Mat, Brooke and Matty were simply wonderful. Not only did they help us to plan out epic company and leadership retreats, but they were also super responsive to our needs and changes even at the last minute. We can’t thank Mat and everyone at the OffSite Co enough for helping us create such a grand experience for our company and teams :) ~NexGenT Winter Retreat 2018~
— Jacob | Co-Founder
Wow. This team over-delivers in every way. Yes, they help on the major elements like finding the venue and creating the team building activities but it was the small touches that really blew us away. The surprise martini bar for our CEO and the group spotify playlist were just amazing touches. I can’t recommend this team enough.”
— Jen | Head of People
Matty was the perfect event director for two reasons, 1) He was engaging without being overbearing or “camp counselor cheesy” 2) His fireman background put me at ease that if we had a first aid/medical emergency he’d be able to help. I don’t know if that’s something that is taken into account when hiring an event director but it’s definitely a big plus and something worth advertising (i.e. our event directors are first aid and CPR certified).

Molly’s catering team was absolutely amazing. All our meals were prepared fresh onsite, each meal was on time as per our schedule, the team was friendly and our meals definitely reflected our needs...fresh, healthy and delicious...
— Kinga | Office Manager

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