Yokayo Ranch | Sonoma | Company Retreat

Welcome to Yokayo Ranch! The perfect team offsite or company retreat venue for any San Francisco or Bay Area startup.

When you’re planning a retreat for your team outside of San Francisco, you’re undoubetdly going to be doing a lot of venue research. With over 2,500 venues within 3 hours of SF in our database, we have seen the good, the bad and ugly. Yokayo Ranch is THE GOOD! It' offers such a beautiful backdrop and foundation for your next company retreat.


Venue Buyout: Our process almost always starts with highlighting property buyouts for our clients. Let us tell, it’s not easy! The Yokayo Ranch is a perfect buyout scenario for teams up to 120 people. The existing lodging and accommodations on-site can provide individual beds for 27 people. When we climb outside of that, we can offer additional lodging in the form of traditional camping or higher-end glamping tents.

It’s Gorgeous: This property is at the top of our list for so many projects because of the natural beauty on the 100+ acre organic farm. Everywhere you look while on-site is stunning.

Doesn’t Break The Bank: The price point at Yokayo Ranch is something that truly sets it apart in this highly competitive region. We have found it can be a great opportunity for every size of budget we deal with through the year.

Customized Meals and Drinks: One major benefit of going to Yokayo Ranch is the use of one of our verified private chefs that can offer catering to any size team for meals. These menu’s are highly customized and include beverages including alcohol.

Team Building Activities: The on-site team building events at Yokayo Ranch are designed and executed by The Offsite Co. We work with you and your team extensively to make sure these activities and events bring out the most in each person.

Inspire Organic Bonding: We call this “bonding in the seems” and it’s something we strive to create on project. This venue provides so much open space and areas for people to truly connect on a more personal level outside of organized or structured events throughout your retreat.

Close to SF: The kicker! It’s less than 2.5 hrs from your SF office.

We can’t recommend Yokayo Ranch enough for your next company retreat!

The Offsite Co.