Palm Springs, CA

“Matty was the perfect event director for two reasons, 1) He was engaging without being overbearing or "camp counselor cheesy" 2) His fireman background put me at ease that if we had a first aid/medical emergency he'd be able to help. I don't know if that's something that is taken into account when hiring an event director but it's definitely a big plus and something worth advertising (i.e. our event directors are first aid and CPR certified). Molly's catering team was absolutely amazing. All our meals were prepared fresh onsite, each meal was on time as per our schedule, the team was friendly and our meals definitely reflected our needs...fresh, healthy and delicious.”

Client: Not Names

Number of People: 23

Number of Nights: 2

Location: Palm Springs

Venue Type: Estate Rental

Highlight Experiences:

Private Venue Buyout, Team Olympics, Work Sessions, Private Team Meals Karaoke, Movie Night, Happy Hour + Lawn Games and More!

Workspace: Included w/ Venue Buyout

Food + Drink: On-site food with Private Chef catering

The Offsite Co.