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Retreat Planning 101: Food + Drink

The Offsite Co. Retreat Planning Guide Feature: Planning for Food + Drink. Food and Drinks, quite literally the bread and butter of your team’s epic retreat!  After securing your location and ideal venue the next step in creating the perfect offsite experience is crafting each menu to support the flow of your event. Start to piece together a rough itinerary of your retreat details with key items in place such as transportation time, meetings and workshops, activities, and then you can start to see where the natural meal times will fall into place.

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Retreat Planning 101: Goals, Vision & Budget.

Corporate Retreat Planning 101: Setting the Goals, Vision and Budget for your upcoming company retreat. Follow this guide to save time and simplify the retreat planning process. Involve a few of your key culture champions in this process, especially if you’ve been tasked to tackle this project on your own.

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